We are looking for brand representatives and currently have 2-3 openings. Check out our terms below and see if you're a good fit! 

Currently we are only able to have brand reps be in the United States. International BR coming soon!


BR contracts are three months long and are for adults 18+ currently living in the United States. At the end of the three months, we will discuss renewal if both parties would like to continue. In exchange for one (1) free 8x10 per month as well as 40% discount* on all purchases for the duration of contract, you must be able to provide minimum of (3) THREE (more is always fine though!) aesthetically pleasing photographs highlighting our prints in a pleasing and clean way. You are to then promote on Instagram (3) THREE times per month. It is preferred to also promote on Facebook, but not required. Promotion entails tagging the photos with our Instagram name (@SaltwaterKittens) and using the hashtag #saltwaterkittens and then 1-2 sentences of something like why you enjoy the print, what feelings the print invokes, what you like about our company, or something similar and positive.

Your account must be public and your photographs must meet our guidelines in order to maintain relationship as brand representative.


Photographs would be in a natural setting, highlighting the print as either the sole focus or part of an environment that is pleasing to the eye (like a small gallery wall or in a children's nursery). The best lighting is daylight as it makes for the most attractive photos. Please no photos with orange overhead lighting. Photos must not be too busy and distracting from our prints as being the item of promotion. If you have questions, please contact us. (This contract makes us sound all formal and scary, but we're super nice. Promise.)

*Notice on the discount: You may use this discount for friends/family as GIFTS but not in place of purchasing on their behalf.

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